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Genshin Impact 3.2 Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide and Rewards

Takes apples, gives you Primogems, refuses to elaborate, leaves.

by Patrick Souza

Genshin Impact’s favorite chad is back in town: Liben is here once again with the Marvelous Merchandise event, offering generous rewards and asking only for a few common resources in exchange. I don’t have the slightest idea of how that man’s not broke yet, but if he can profit from those Sweet Flowers, he clearly knows something about business.

If you’re new to this event, Liben’s a very familiar face around Teyvat. He hangs around Mondstadt and offers the Traveler a trade: If you give him some regular resources (such as fruits, flowers, and meat), he gives you special boxes containing Primogems and other precious resources. 

You can get one box per day, and there are 7 variations of them (one for each element). The box you get each day is completely random, and you can get the same one multiple days in a row. But worry not, as you can visit other players’ worlds and get their box instead of yours, and that doesn’t lock them from getting their own good box for that day. 

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Marvelous Merchandise Rewards List

Here are the seven boxes you can get in your world. If you’re not happy with it, just ask around in other players’ worlds for a better choice.

  • Box o’ Marvels – Pyro: x40 Primogems, x6 Hero’s Wit
  • Box o’ Marvels – Electro: x40 Primogems, x3 Teachings of Freedom, x3 Teachings of Resistance, x3 Teachings of Ballads
  • Box o’ Marvels – Dendro: x40 Primogems, x3 Teachings of Prosperity, x3 Teachings of Diligence, x3 Teachings of Gold
  • Box o’ Marvels – Cryo: x40 Primogems, x60000 Mora
  • Box o’ Marvels – Geo: x40 Primogems, x10 Fine Enhancement Ore, x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Box o’ Marvels – Hydro: x40 Primogems, x20000 Mora, x4 Hero’s Wit
  • Box o’ Marvels – Anemo: x40 Primogems, x20000 Mora, x8 Mystic Enhancement Ore

After getting at least 5 different boxes, you get a Mega Box o’ Marvels that contains x100 Primogems, x3 Hero’s Wit, x6 Mystic Enhancement Ores, and x50000 Mora. You can get a total of 380 Primogems by exchanging all boxes during the 7 days.

Which is the best box to choose from Marvelous Merchandise?

Screenshot by Prima Games

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Since the main reward is Primogems, every box is immediately great. Most of the other rewards are usually resin-locked, so if you’re not feeling like hopping into different players’ worlds, you’ll not be losing much.

But if you do have the patience, Pyro, Cryo, and Hydro boxes are the best ones by far. Weapon upgrade crystals can be obtained for free through the blacksmiths, and the talent books you get are also in the lowest grade possible, making boxes that contain these not as resin-effective.

If you’re not bothered with asking strangers for their boxes, search for those three and you’ll not be disappointed. Just don’t forget to claim them daily or you’ll lose those easy 40 Primos.

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