Carefree Dreamland: New Genshin Impact Web Event

Reject humanity, return to Aranara.

Genshin’s developer Hoyoverse loves to deliver those small Web Events. As silly as they can be, they always grant some easy Primogems in the end and don’t take much time for clearing, so there’s no hurt in doing them. 

Their newest addition to this bunch is Carefree Dreamland where we can finally become a cute Aranara, even if you developed an inexplicable hate for them after those semi-infinite questlines.

This event runs from November 25 to December 4, and while it can’t be completed in a single go, that also means that it grants more rewards than usual, so that’s a plus. Be sure to take part in it as it only costs a few minutes of your time.

Carefree Dreamland Web Event Guide

You can enter the event by clicking here and logging into your Hoyoverse account. You only need to reach Adventurer Rank 10 to enter the event, so don’t worry about clearing any long Story Quests.

After noticing their ascension to the Aranara, both Traveler and Paimon decide to take on some cooking. For that, you need to collect resources for building the necessary facilities, with each of them granting you Primogems. 

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Resources can be earned by completing tasks such as logging into the game, completing Daily Commissions, and spending Original Resin. Click on the Aranara Traveler to claim them. Missions will be refreshed at 04:00 (UTC+8) daily.

With the facilities done, you get Carefree Coins for buying outfits in the Dressing Room. Each Aranara wants to be dressed in a specific way, and doing so achieves its Perfect Ending, granting extra rewards. If you dress them incorrectly, you get a Normal Ending that gives you extra resources instead.

Perfect Endings Guide for Carefree Dreamland

You can check your achieved endings by clicking on the Aranara Paimon next to the Traveler. Don’t fret about getting them all at once, there’s plenty of time for that.

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • An Ancient Melody – Equip the first headband and the first outfit.
  • The Best Water – Equip the second headband and the second outfit.
  • Furry Mask Demon King – Equip the third headband and the third outfit.
  • Unrivaled Fresh Fruit – Equip the fourth headband and the fourth outfit.
  • The Wind’s Verse – Equip the fifth headband and the fifth outfit.
  • Taste of Satisfaction – Equip the sixth headband and the sixth outfit.
  • An Excursion – Equip the seventh headband and the seventh outfit.

The total rewards for the event, including the Perfect Endings, are:

  • x120 Primogems
  • x8 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • x9 Hero’s Wit
  • x50000 Mora

You’ll need at least three days for getting all rewards, so don’t forget about your Aranara life. Hop into the event whenever you log into Genshin Impact to make sure you’re not missing anything.

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