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Gears of War 5 Campaign Length Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Gears of War 5 will soon be available for players across the world to enjoy. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners are getting to dive into the action on September 6th and everyone else having the opportunity to enjoy the latest entry in the legendary franchise on September 10th. There is no doubt there will be plenty of players excited to continue the story that was set up in the franchise’s fourth entry with the adrenaline-fueled campaign of Gears of War 5. With this in mind, many are likely curious as to the exact length of the game’s campaign. If you are curious about the campaign length for the highly anticipated title, you’ll want to read up on the Gears of War 5 campaign length details below. 

Gears of War 5 Campaign Length

The story of this latest installment in the exciting franchise will see players take control of Kait Diaz and J.D. Fenix in the most extensive story the series has ever seen. This much more significant story is thanks to the open-world style the Gears of War 5 story has adopted. Players will be able to tackle missions and side quests in the order they would like when compared to the linear style of faith that has made up the length of previous stories in the franchise. 

Gears of War 5 Campaign Length

According to a report by Windows Central, the developers of the game have stated that the story length of Gears of War 5 can be over 20 hours. The length of the campaign for each player will likely vary depending on how they approach completing it. However, there will be a significant amount of content for players to enjoy in the franchise’s newest story. 

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