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Gears 5 Canon Choice: Act 4 Ending Decision

by Ginny Woo

Before you click on this, please heed our spoiler warning if you don’t read anything else that we’ve yelled at you through the aether of the internet. This is going to have massive spoilers for Gears 5 and how things end in the game, as you may have been able to tell from the title which mentions the “Act 4 ending decision”. If you’re totally fine with that and you’re actually struggling with or wanting another opinion on what you did, check out our information on the Gears 5 canon choice

Gears 5 Canon Choice: Act 4 Ending Decision

We’re not going to mince words here. You get to make a pretty heartbreaking choice in Gears 5 when it comes to Act 4, and this will involve whether or not a party member kicks the bucket in a pretty awful way. The two party members that this choice concerns are JD and Del, and the choice is obviously between the two of them when it comes to who the Swarm Queen is going to off. You only have a few seconds in-game to actually make the choice, so if you think you panicked and made the wrong one, then you’re definitely not alone there. 

If you choose to save JD, then Del dies to the Swarm Queen. If you choose to save Del, then JD is the one who dies to the Swarm Queen, though you are able to retrieve his army tags. 

As to which decision is actually canon, we regret to inform you that there hasn’t been concrete confirmation from anyone who worked on the game as to what the Gears 5 canon choice is. That being said, we reckon that saving JD would be the canon choice. JD has a lot of his life still ahead of him, and the dynamic that the game has created between him and Marcus should allow for much more future development in the franchise. The two have already made leaps and bounds when it comes to progress in their emotional relationship from the titles that came before. We’re not saying that we didn’t value Del’s sacrifice, but the reality is that he didn’t really have any outstanding narrative elements or points to really contribute to. 

Now that you’ve got a little primer about what we reckon is the Gears 5 canon choice to make in Act 4, you might feel like you’ve either made the right or the wrong one. Or, you might go back and interrogate the choice that you made a little more. Either way, it’s an excuse to jump into another playthrough, right? And with what you know about the Gears 5 campaign length from our helpful guide, it’s something you can definitely knock out in a weekend.

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