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Galak-Z Beginners Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The awesome Galak-Z: The Dimensional is available now for PlayStation 4, and it’s a fun top-down shooter with rogue like features, as you can literally roam across the galaxy and find cool items while taking down enemies with your blaster and missiles.

It can take some getting used to, so here are some tips to help you get the most from the game. Gear up and prepare for battle!

You Don’t Have to Fight Everyone

Once you grow accustomed to flying around and seeking objectives in each level, it’s cool to avoid enemies. In fact, sometimes taking the sneaky approach is the best way to go because you can save both your shields and missiles (which are in short supply to begin with) for later fights when you’ll need them most.

There are some enemies you’ll need to take down, of course. For instance, if you have two patrol ships blocking your path from reaching a fellow pilot or destination, you’ll want to take them out quickly and conveniently. Out of the way ships will distract you from your primary goal and could notify reinforcements.

Remember, conserve ammo and stick with the missions. Shooting enemies is fun, but you’ll have multiple opportunities to do this, and some foes aren’t worth the trouble.

Stock Up On Stuff

Before starting a mission, you’ll have a chance to visit the shop and buy items for your ship. The best things to purchase? Temporary shields.

These shields allow you to keep your perma-shield (which protects your ship) in place even while you take hits. They only last so long, but they’ll make the difference between life and death, especially against bosses.

Stock up on these as much as you can. Some players say buying missiles is a smart move, but you’ll run across plenty of those with the Imperial ships you destroy in the game.

Think Ahead, and Don’t Rush Into Battle

We mentioned before that some enemies aren’t worth fighting. That’s because the game has very strict rules if you get killed midway through a season – you’ll need to start all over again. That’s why it helps to consult your radar and see what kind of battle you’re getting into.

The best way to deal with these missions is to carefully plan your attack by targeting the smaller ships so you can deal with them quickly and efficiently, then move around the bigger ones, chipping away at their health. This strategic approach beats flying around like mad and shooting, since this can mean instant death.

This isn’t a race. You have plenty of time to explore and find objectives, so plan your attacks and stay alive. Finally, be on the lookout for Crash Coins – they’re scattered throughout levels. Five of them will rejuvenate yourself mid-mission, while your new arsenal appears in a recovery crate.

A Mech-Sized Surprise

Finally, make sure you fight all the way through the first season of episodes. In doing this you’ll unlock a Voltron-esque surprise with the ability to transform your ship into a mech robot, giving you the chance to hit enemies with melee strikes.

The mech is also useful during boss battles, although you’ll still need to plan your course of attack carefully so you don’t take too much damage. Stick and move, and use your ship/mech’s movements to avoid attacks and strike again. Do well enough and you’ll last through the game’s different seasons – and the additional challenges that come with them.

Galak-Z is available for PlayStation 4, and will arrive on PS Vita in the months ahead.

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