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Full Picture Map of Mt. Moonspell In Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell

In case you get lost and what not.

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors usually has a simple design of levels, with one simple tile repeating in all 8 directions whichever direction you go; whether it’s north, east, south, west, northwest, northeast, southeast, or southwest. This generally removes the necessity of a picture that contains the map, because the levels are pretty straightforward, and the only orientation you need most of the time is just the location of the items relative to your current location.
Well, with Legacy of the Moonspell, this changed. Poncle made a fairly big map that’s finite, and has villages, caverns, a lake, a mountain, compounds, you name it. When you crash land on Mt. Moonspell the first time, you might be lost and confused, and this is why Prima Games has procured a complete and full-picture map of Mt. Moonspell for all of you Vampire Survivors fans.

Complete Map of Mount Moonspell for Vampire Survivors

Thanks to Itsimplyace from the official Vampire Survivors Discord channel, we have laid our hands upon the sacred map of Mt. Moonspell, which will help you resolve some of the quests (achievements) in this DLC.

We have a complete guide for Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell under the “Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell” tag, so if you get stuck with any of the unlocks or achievements, please head out there and browse the category, we’re sure that you will reach 100% achievements in one evening.

Image via Vampire Survivors Discord

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The map looks great and has quite a lot of fun stuff that we just skipped while we were chasing the unlockables and achievements. No, we won’t spoil anything that’s on the map in this article. In case you want things spoiled, you can check out our unlock guides. We hope that this map will help most of you resolve all of the tasks in the new DLC, though.

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