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Friday the 13th – How to Win a Match

by Bryan Dawson

In Friday the 13th: the Game, you can be a counselor or Jason. How to win in Friday the 13th changes depending on who you’re playing as. This article covers the win conditions in Friday the 13th, so you know how to win a game no matter which character you’re playing as. Knowing how to win in Friday the 13th is arguably the most important part of the game, so let’s get to it.

How to Win as a Counselor

Counselor Win Conditions

  • Escape in the car.
  • Escape in the boat.
  • Call the police and run to them once they arrive.
  • Kill Jason.
  • Survive until time runs out.

If you’re selected as a counselor, which you will be more often than not, there are a few different ways you can win. You can escape the camp by fixing the car, fixing the boat, or by calling the police and running toward them and on to safety. You can also win by letting time run out (usually 20 minutes) or by killing Jason, but that’s not an easy task and will require considerable coordination between counselors.

As a counselor, your game is over if you are killed by Jason, but don’t exit the lobby just yet. Not only can you be summoned back into the game as Tommy Jarvis, you get an extra experience points bonus if you stay until the end. If you’re working on gaining as much CP as possible to unlock new perks and executions, you’re going to want that XP bonus.

How to Win as Jason

Jason Win Conditions

  • Kill counselors.

Your chances of playing as Jason in a public game are low, but there are ways to increase those odds. While Jason technically wins if he kills even a single counselor, the more counselors you kill, the more experience points you’ll earn. Ideally you want to kill every counselor in the game, then kill Tommy Jarvis as well if he’s called in to help. Just remember that you have every advantage as Jason, and it will take time for the counselors to find a way to escape, so take your time.

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