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Friday the 13th – How to Play as Jason, Character Select

by Bryan Dawson

In the new Friday the 13th game, one player takes control of Jason, while all other players in the match take control of a camp counselor. For most people, playing Jason is the main reason for buying the game. This article offers advice on how to increase your chances to play as Jason in Friday the 13th: the Game. Once you know how to play as Jason in Friday the 13th, you’ll be able to hunt down counselors with ease, and arguably have more fun with the title. However, we’ll also tell you how to play as the counselor in Friday the 13th. Basically, we’ll cover how to select your character in Friday the 13th, no matter what your preference may be.

Character Select

There’s no 100 percent guaranteed way to play Jason in a public game. However, you can increase your chances by selecting your spawn preference. To find this option head to the Customize menu option, then Spawn Preference. This takes you to a screen that allows you to choose between Jason, Counselor or None. Select Jason and you chances to spawn as Jason will increase. Select Counselor and you’ll almost always be a counselor. If you don’t care which character you play as, select None and the spawn will be completely random for you.

Friday the 13th Game Spawn Preference

In a private game with invited friends, you can actually have everyone select to play as a counselor, then one person can select to play as Jason to guarantee that person gets Jason. This doesn’t work in a public game, but if you’re tired of playing as a counselor and really want to experience how Jason plays, getting together with some friends will guarantee a Jason match for you.

Of course in public matches you’ll still run into issues in which everyone sets their spawn preference to Jason. While this doesn’t increase your chances of playing Jason, it won’t decrease them either. If everyone else in the game has Jason as their spawn preference and you have your preference set to None or Counselor, you will never play as Jason. If you want a chance, you need to select Jason as you spawn preference, then cross your fingers.

We’ve got you covered if you need help surviving, and we’ve got even more advice and strategies in our Friday the 13th game hub!