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Friday the 13th – How to Earn CP, Level Up Fast

by Bryan Dawson

The Friday the 13th game has a lot to offer when you first start playing, but there’s also quite a bit to unlock. If you want to play as Jason from different films, or unlock perks for the counselors, you’ll need to earn CP and level up. This article covers how to earn CP in Friday the 13th so you can unlock perks for the counselors and new executions for Jason. In addition, we’ll cover how to level up fast in Friday the 13th so you can access the film Jason that you want to play the most!

Earning CP

Friday the 13th Game Earn CP

In order to earn CP (customization points) to unlock new perks and executions, you need to level up. The faster you level up, the faster you’ll earn CP. Each time your player level increases you earn 500 CP. However, don’t rush to burn through your CP. While perks that you unlock for one counselor carry over to other counselors, you’ll have to decide between counselor perks and picking up new executions for Jason. You can only spend your hard-earned CP on one or the other.

You can also sell perks to earn CP. If you get a counselor perk that you don’t want to use or simply don’t like, you can sell it back to earn more CP. Generally speaking you’ll only get 100 or 200 CP depending on the perk you’re selling, but since the perks are rolled at random, that’s better than being stuck with a perk you simply don’t want.

Leveling Up

Friday the 13th Game Experience Points

You get experience points for almost everything you do in a match. Barricade a door, fix the car by installing a battery, fix the phone box, all of these actions award additional experience points. However, the fastest and best way to earn more experience points and level up faster is by completing a match. You get a huge bonus if you stick around until the match is over. It may be boring if you die or escape early, but the huge experience point bonus is well worth the effort.

It’s also important to keep in mind the fact that you can be called back into action as Tommy Jarvis if you’ve died or escaped. This will give you the chance to earn even more experience points by performing various actions as Tommy. Just be sure to lock every door and do all that you can to earn experience points throughout a match. You’ll get a rundown of your experience point rewards at the end of a match so you know exactly what you did to get the points you earned.

Finally, if you kill Jason you get a big experience point bonus as well. Unfortunately this isn’t an easy task, but if you’re working together as a team you can pull it off.

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