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Fortnite | Where To Find All Hidden Bunkers

by Morgan Shaver

In Fortnite, there are several Week 9 Challenges that you can complete in order to earn XP. One of these challenges tasks you with finding a hidden bunker.

Given that the bunker is hidden, you may have a harder time with this Week 9 Challenges as opposed to some of the others, like using an emote at stone statues.

To help make everything a bit more manageable, we’ve put together a guide walking you through where to find all three of the hidden bunkers we were able to track down in Fortnite.

Fortnite | Where To Find All Hidden Bunkers 

The Week 9 Challenge in Fortnite that asks you to find a hidden bunker can seem a bit vague at first. Where do you find these hidden bunkers? What do they look like? What if you find more than one?

To start, in the map image above we’ve circled where we were able to find three hidden bunkers in Fortnite.

Note that if you find and visit one of these three bunkers, the Week 9 Challenge should be marked as complete for you. As a reward for completion, you’ll earn a cool 20,000 XP.

Based on our experience, it doesn’t seem to matter which hidden bunker you visit. The first one we found was on the island near Stealthy Stronghold and Craggy Cliffs.

After that bunker, we visited the one east of Retail Row, and finally, we scoped out the hidden bunker that’s underwater near Holly Hedges and Slurpy Swamp.

If you were able to find other hidden bunkers besides the three that we found, reach out to us on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter.

We’re curious to hear what other Fortnite players have been discovering.

With that out of the way, below, we’ve got images of each hidden bunker and a brief description of where they were found to help make it easier for you to find them all.

Fortnite – Hidden Bunker #1

The first hidden bunker can be found on an island east of Stealthy Stronghold and west of Craggy Cliffs. The hidden bunker is underneath the wooden house on the southern tip of the island.

To find it, you’ll need to break through the wood walls around the bottom of the structure.

Fortnite – Hidden Bunker #2

The second hidden bunker in Fortnite can be found east of Retail Row through the mountain areas heading towards the sea. This hidden bunker is between two large trees, and is hidden under a large bush.

To find it, you’ll need to use your Harvester to smack through the bush to reveal the hidden bunker underneath.

Fortnite – Hidden Bunker #3

The third hidden bunker is in the strangest area out of all of them. To find it, you’ll need to hop into the ocean off the coast near Holly Hedges and Slurpy Swamp. While in the water, you’ll then need to look down to spot the hidden bunker.

You can’t enter the other two hidden bunkers, and you won’t be able to swim down and enter this one either. All you can do is see it there underwater and make a mental note of its location for the future.

Again, once you find a hidden bunker in Fortnite, the Week 9 Challenge will be marked as complete, and you’ll earn 20,000 XP as a reward. 

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