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Fortnite Welcome to Gotham Challenges: How to Complete Them

by Nicholas Barth

Fortnite Battle Royale will soon be diving into a crossover with everyone’s favorite caped crusader of Batman. This crossover will feature a variety of batman themed content making its way into the world of Fortnite. Explosive Batarang anyone? One of the most significant additions to the battle royale title that will be taking place with the Batman crossover is the new set of Welcome to Gotham Challenges. One community member has discovered these Welcome to Gotham Challenges ahead of their expected release on September 21st, and we have them all covered for you.

Fortnite Welcome to Gotham Challenges

Fortnite Welcome to Gotham Challenges

These new tasks will have players flying around the map of the famous battle royale title in a way that would make even Batman smile with pride. There are a total of six tasks players will be able to complete and earn some Batman-themed cosmetic items for their efforts. You can find all of the Fortnite Welcome to Gotham Challenges and their rewards below thanks to community member Lucas7yoshi

  • Deal 250 Damage to opponents with an Explosive Batarang. 
  • Light Up 3 Different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City.
  • Use a Batman Grapnel Gun in 3 different matches. 
  • Defuse 3 Joker gas canisters found in different named locations.
  • Deal any damage to opponents within 30s of using a Batman Grapnel Gun.
  • Light a Bat Signal, use a Batman Grapnel Gun, and deal any damage with an Explosive Batarang.

Players will be able to earn a variety of rewards for their completion of these challenges. These rewards consist of multiple 10 Battle Star bundles, a Batman glider, a Batman banner, a Batman spray, and other items. 

Will you be diving into the upcoming Fortnite and Batman crossover to complete the Welcome to Gotham Challenges? Let us know your plans over on Twitter and Facebook! Need help in completing the other set of Batman crossover tasks in the Gothic missions? Check out our guide for the recently released Gothic missions!


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