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Fortnite Week 8 Snowfall Challenge Banner Location

by Larryn Bell

Like the Blockbuster and Road Trip challenges of seasons past, Fortnite Season 7 features a season-long challenge series known as the Snowfall challenges. These challenges are completed upon finishing all of the Battle Pass challenges in a given week, awarding players with a loading screen that leads to hidden treasure. We’ll show you where to find the banner icon for the Week 8 Snowfall challenge in Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite Week 8 Secret Banner Location

Typically, these season-long challenges involve a clue somewhere on the loading screen image that leads to the location of a secret Battle Star. Sometimes, though, you’ll be tasked with finding a banner icon instead, which is what is required for the eighth Snowfall challenge.

Fortnite Ice King Loading Screen

The loading screen for the eighth Snowfall challenge features in image of the renowned Ice King, who was recently revealed as the Tier 100 reward skin for the Season 7 Battle Pass. In the image, you can just barely make out some faint writing written on the bricks beneath the Ice King’s right knee. The inscription reads: A8, B8, A9, B9

These coordinates happen to tell us exactly where the hidden banner icon is for the Week 8 Snowfall challenge. The banner icon is located at the intersection of A8, B8, A9, and B9 on the southwest corner of the Season 7 Fortnite map, just below Frosty Flights. We’ve circled the exact location on the image below.

Fortnite Week 8 Season 7 secret battle star

Keep in mind that you must have completed all of the challenges from at least eight different weeks during Season 7 in order to unlock the eighth loading screen and collect the secret banner icon. 

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