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Fortnite Week 15 Challenges | How to Sand Tunnel, Travel Through Sand

by Morgan Shaver

The Week 15 Challenges in Fortnite begin on Thursday, March 11 and when these Challenges go live, Fortnite players will need to complete a variety of quest activities. Among the Epic Quests for Week 15 are two tasks that require players to sand tunnel and travel through sand.

If you’ve never tried this in Fortnite before, or just want to make sure you know what the Challenge is referring to, here’s a quick guide explaining how to sand tunnel in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Week 15 Challenges | How to Sand Tunnel, Travel Through Sand

In the list of Week 15 Challenges in Fortnite, you’ll find two Epic Quests related to sand tunneling. The first asks you to travel (0/500) or 500 total meters distance through sand. The second asks you to spend 5 seconds within 20 meters of enemies while sand tunneling (0/5) or five times.

To complete these Challenges, you’ll need to land within the sandy area at the center of Fortnite’s map. In the image above, we’ve circled the area where you’ll find sand that you can tunnel in. Once you’re there, you’ll need to do one specific thing in order to sand tunnel.

Essentially, when you’re in the sand and are standing still, your character will begin to sink. When the process is complete, you’ll hear an audio cue and your view will switch from behind your character to behind a mound of sand.

When you move forward, the sand mound (your character) moves forward. This is what counts as sand tunneling in Fortnite. To complete the Challenge in regards to traveling 500 meters through sand, all you need to do is keep your character in the sand mound and move them around the sandy area. 

Note that you can be shot at and damaged as a sand mound so be cautious as you travel through Fortnite’s sandy area. If needed, you can jump up out of the sand in order to eliminate enemies that are shooting at you while you’re sand tunneling. 

Once that’s done, repeat the process of standing still and sinking into the sand to resume making progress on your sand tunneling/traveling tasks. When it comes to the task of spending 5 seconds within 20 meters of enemies while sand tunneling, you can do this a few different ways. 

First, you can land in the sandy area at the beginning of the game alongside enemy players. Find a large crystal to hide behind, then allow yourself to sink into the sand. Move as close to enemy players as possible, and use crystals or buildings as cover (push yourself up against them, then stay still). 

You could also build a structure when there are little to no enemy players around you and use it as a distraction. Enemy players may think you’re in or at the top of the structure, but you can drop down to the ground, sink into the sand, and hide near or underneath your structure as well. 

You can also use that opportunity to move from your structure closer to an enemy’s structure, just be careful to not be spotted as you tunnel through the sand. No matter what you do, the process of sand tunneling itself is fairly simple.

Stand still, let your character sink into the sand until they become a little, movable sand mound, then move around the same way you normally would. 

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