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Fortnite Tilted Town Rift Zone – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

One of the most significant additions Epic Games made to Fortnite Battle Royale with the start of Season X was the Rift Zone feature. These Rift Zones are points of interest which have been affected by the Loot Lake orb explosions. These effects have transformed fan-favorite locations in significant ways. One of the latest Rift Zones to appear in Fortnite Season X is Tilted Town which has been transformed from the Season 9 location of Neo Tilted. If you are curious about what kind of changes this new point of interest has brought to Fortnite, be sure to check out everything this new location has to offer below. 

Fortnite Tilted Town Rift Zone

With time travel being the central theme of Fortnite Season X, it is not surprising to see the Rift Zone which took over Neo Tilted take the point of interest back to the past. This time-traveling has resulted in the popular point of interest transforming into the Wild West settlement of Tilted Town. However, this is not the only significant change the town has brought to the battle royale game of Fortnite. 

Fortnite Tilted Town Rift Zone

Every player who enters the new town will see their character’s cosmetic outfit change into a western theme. Then there is the restriction placed on all players who enter the new Rift Zone location. This restriction consists of players not having the ability to build any structures or harvest any materials when they are inside of Tilted Town. This means players will have to rely on their gun skill to survive the dangers which await them in this new point of interest. 

There are likely going to be many more Rift Zone changes happening to points of interest across the map of Fortnite throughout Season X. Hopefully, our guide has helped gain a better understanding of everything Tilted Town has to offer and has prepared you to see success in any battles you may see there in the future.  

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