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Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper Rifle Stats

by Nicholas Barth

Monday, July 22nd saw Epic Games officially announce the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle weapon would be officially added into the popular battle royale title shortly. The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle had been previously leaked when the Fortnite v9.40 update went live last week. With the new weapon expected to be released this week, we have gathered together all of the currently known information regarding the stats of the Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper Rifle together for you in one spot.

Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper Rifle Stats

While this particular weapon has not yet been added to the battle royale game, the community has gotten an early look at the stats of the upcoming weapon thanks to Fortnite statistics database Storm Shield One.

You can find all of the currently known stats for the next weapon to be added into the high-profile game below:

Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper Rifle Stats

According to the official description of the new Fortnite Scout Sniper Rifle, this new weapon will give players the ability to track down the whereabouts of the circle ahead of time and allow them to travel much more effectively around the map of the battle royale game. With its abilities to track down the circle and dish out some strong damage to enemy players, there will likely be plenty of individuals looking to try out the stats of this new weapon when it is made available in the battle royale title’s loot pool. 

It remains to be seen how the community will react to the addition of this new Storm Scout Sniper Rifle and its stats, as items that interact with the circle have not always received a warm welcome from the Fortnite community in the past. 

We will update this article with any changes to the stats of the Fortnite Scout Storm Sniper Rifle if Epic Games decides to make any adjustments between now and the new weapon’s official release. 

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