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Fortnite Singularity Skin Helmet Locations

by Nicholas Barth

The last few seasons of Fortnite Battle Royale have had a secret skin that could only be unlocked by completing a certain amount of weekly challenges. While Season 9 of Fortnite also has a secret skin for players to unlock, it required players to collect a total of 90 Fortbytes in order to unlock it. With the release of Fortbyte 5 on Wednesday, July 10th, there is now officially 90 Fortbytes available for players to collect in order to unlock the Season 9 secret skin that is the Singularity outfit. However, various hidden styles for the Singularity outfit can also be unlocked by finding each hidden helmet at different locations that are scattered across the map of the popular battle royale game, and we have all of these helmet locations covered for you.

Fortnite Singularity Skin Helmet Locations

There are a total of five locations where a particular helmet can be found that will unlock a new style for the Fortnite Singularity skin. The five hidden styles for the newly revealed Season 9 outfit consist of the Cuddle, Durr, Drift, Rex, and Pizza styles. Each of the locations for the helmet of these hidden Singularity styles can be found on the Fortnite map below. 

Fortnite Singularity Skin Helmet Locations

  • Pizza Style – rock ledge overlooking the vault at Loot Lake
  • Drift Style – behind two crates located north of Polar Peak
  • Durr Style – near the statue located in Neo Tilted
  • Rex Style – near the Skybase located west of Dusty Divot
  • Cuddle Style – located inside of the Pressure Plant area

Collecting the Fortnite Singularity skin helmet at each of these locations will give players the ability to customize the look of the outfit that players have been working towards unlocking throughout the duration of Season 9 by collecting Fortbytes. Visiting the locations of each Fortnite Singularity skin helmet will likely be much easier if you go searching for them when playing a Limited Time Mode like Team Rumble, as there will be less potential for enemy players to eliminate you and force you to start a new game. Team Rumble also provides players a much easier opportunity to travel further on the map of Fortnite and visit each of the Singularity skin helmet locations. 

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