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Fortnite Sheet Music and Piano Locations

by Larryn Bell

One of the weekly challenges for Fortnite Season 6 tasks players with tracking down sheet music and playing their songs on pianos found on the map in Battle Royale. This challenge is a multi-stage challenge, which means players must complete the steps in a specific order. We’ll explain where to go to find each sheet music stand in Fortnite as well as where to play the music on a piano.

Fortnite Sheet Music & Piano Locations

As you complete each stage of the sheet music challenge in Fortnite, you will unlock the next stage, for a total of four stages. Completing a stage will reward you with a portion of Battle Stars. You must finish each stage in the order they are listed to fully complete this challenge.

Stage 1: Find a stand with Sheet Music in Pleasant Park

Fortnite Sheet Music Stage 1

To kick off this challenge in Fortnite, head to Pleasant Park and make your way to the middle house on the north side of the neighborhood. Inside the house, look for a music stand with sheet music on the first floor near the staircase. After you’ve searched the sheet music, complete the match as you normally would to progress to the next stage of the challenge.

Stage 2: Play the Sheet Music at the Piano near Pleasant Park

Fortnite Sheet Music Stage 2

Now that you’ve found and interacted with the sheet music in Pleasant Park, the next step is to play the sheet music at a specific piano. While you won’t have to go very far from where you found the sheet music, you will have to complete this stage in a new match. Land at or build up the mountain to the west of Pleasant Park. What you’re looking for is not an actual piano, but a flat set of piano keys on the ground in a small dirt patch beneath some trees.

When you find the piano keys, there should also be a gold music stand nearby holding sheet music, assuming you collected the sheet music earlier. Now, all you have to do is play these notes from the sheet music on the keyboard: CEGEC. Step on the corresponding keys in the correct order to complete Stage 2.

Stage 3: Find a stand with Sheet Music in Retail Row

Fortnite Sheet Music Stage 3

This stage works the same as the first stage, only this time you’ll need to find a sheet music stand in Retail Row. You can find the sheet music inside the bookstore on the east side of town. Interact with the sheet music to unlock the next stage of this challenge.

Stage 4: Play the Sheet Music at the Piano near Retail Row

Fortnite Sheet Music Piano Stage 4

Just like you did before, you’ll need to play the new sheet music on a set of piano keys in a new match. This time the piano keyboard is located at the edge of a small cliff overlooking a corrupted zone to the southeast of Retail Row. This keyboard is a bit larger than the previous one, so you may need some pointers on how to play the piano if you aren’t music savvy.

When you find the keyboard, play the following notes: AEFAECA. Keep in mind that the notes in the song go down on the staff, so you will need to start at the ‘A’ key on the far-right end of the keyboard, ending with the ‘A’ key towards the left.  Just try to match up the notes as best you can with the symbols used on the sheet, and you should be able to finish up this challenge easily.

Fortnite’s sheet music challenge may appear somewhat tricky at first, but these types of multi-stage challenges are a nice way to add a bit of complexity to the weekly challenge formula. Check out our other Fortnite guides, such as how to find all Shooting Galleries, to complete some of the tougher challenges for Season 6.

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