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Fortnite Season 9 Week 1: Secret Battle Star

by John Cooper

Fortnite Season 9 has arrived and the future is here. While that may sound like a tacky slogan for some over-the-top tech company, it is actually kind of relevant to the new map. With Neo Tilted being a futuristic hub of activity, the world of tomorrow is very much today. 

The new challenges have players making the most of the Slipstreams as well as trying to find the Sky Platforms. Once you have collected all of your Battle Stars from this week and you’ve finished all of the challenges then the Secret Battle Star will appear. This is great for those hoping to boost their Battle Pass tier as early as possible as well as anyone who just really likes loot. Which is kind of everyone? Everyone loves loot. 

This week the hint is in a loading screen you’ll unlock after completing this week’s challenges. It a character using a minigun and looking unreasonably cool. It turns out that they’re also giving the game away when it comes to the Secret Battle Star. 

The minigun has something scribbled on the side of it, which is more impressive due to the fact that it’s a minigun. It reads I5, I6, J5, and K6 which are coordinates you can follow to an intersection south of Lonely Lodge. 

The area in question is highlighted below and it is just south of the intersection itself. There’s a really dry patch of grass near here and if you get close to it you should be able to hear that sweet Battle Star sound. Keep getting closer and the ABttle Star should pop out, ready and waiting for you to interact with it and earn yourself that sweet loot.  

Once you’ve got this you should have all the challenges and Battle Stars for this week, so why not check out our Fortbyte guide and the Hub for all the other tips?