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Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 Challenge: Pirate Camps locations

by Prima Games Staff

Fortnite’s Season 8 has arrived with explosive style, firing a bunch of pirates out of a volcano. The Season 8 Week 1 challenges are, therefore, appropriately scurvy for players to upgrade their brand new Battle Passes. Among them is a scavenger hunt of sorts, asking players to find seven newly added Pirate Camps. Since the map is a bit of a hot mess thanks to all the lava, you might need some help finding those Pirate Camps, so here’s how to complete the first of the Season 8 Week 1 challenges.

Fortnite Pirate Camps locations

The Pirate Camps added in Fortnite’s Season 8 are stone forts with a black pirate flag flying at their tallest point. The pirate flag has an octopus on it, just like the viking boat perched high atop the mountain near Snobby Shores.

To complete this Season 8 Week 1 challenge, you’ll need to visit seven of them dotted across the map. We’ve dropped an X marking the spot of each of them below, but in case you need a little help we’ve also described where to find them too.

Fortnite Season 8 Pirate Camp Locations

You’ll find Pirate Camps to visit for your Season 8 Week 1 challenge at these locations:

  • The west side of Lazy Lagoon, hidden in the jungle
  • At the end of a path to the south-west of Pleasant Park
  • On the southern slopes of the new volcano
  • On a hill to the south-east of Loot Lake
  • Up in the snow to the south-west of Tilted Towers
  • On a mountain looking over Fatal Fields
  • The bridge to the north-west of Paradise Palms

Once you’ve visited the locations above, they’ll get marked off your challenge list. You don’t need to finish playing the match where you visit the locations, so feel free to drop out if it’s too far to run to your next spot. It’s easier to spot some of them from the air as you exit the battle bus. Good luck in completing the first of your Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 challenges!

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