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Fortnite Season 4: All New Marvel Skins

by Lucas White

It’s time for Season 4 to kick off in Fortnite Chapter 2, and the theme for this season is another, new Marvel crossover. But instead of tying in with a movie release and channeling the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this event is more comics-oriented. The Battle Pass this season is full of different Marvel characters, including one or two you may be surprised to see! There’s also a skin reward for completing a set of themed challenges.

All the New Fortnite Marvel Skins

For the most part, getting all the new Marvel skins involves simply reaching all the tiers in the new Season 4 Battle Pass. If you buy it you’ll immediately get Thor at tier 1, then new skins come into play as you move up the ranks. In some cases, you’ll get a character skin that’s not the “superhero,” but you’ll unlock an emote later that triggers a transformation. For example you can get a Fortnite-style Tony Stark at first, but you can’t make him put the Iron Man suit on until you get the emote.

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So, here is the list of skins, how many alternative colors they have, and how to unlock them:

  • Thor – Tier 1
  • She-Hulk – Tier 22 (Jennifer Walters, 1 Variant), Tier 29 for She-Hulk emote
  • Groot – Tier 38. No variants. He is Groot.
  • Storm – Their 53, 1 Variant (mohawk!!)
  • Doctor Doom – Tier 67, 1 Variant
  • Mystique – Tier 80, 1 Variant
  • Iron Man – Tier 93 (Tony Stark), Tier 100 for Iron Man emote
  • Wolverine – Complete weekly challenges, 1 Variant

There’s a lot more to this event than just the skins, of course. The whole Season is called Nexus War, and it’s all about a battle with Galactus causing the Marvel universe to collide with Fortnite’s. You’ll see various Marvel-themed weapons, loot drops, and even locations and other tools over time. If you’re curious about how Marvely Fortnite is going to get, you may want to just go ahead and jump in to see how the Season progresses in real time.

Are you enough of a Marvel comics enthusiast to drop the money on the Battle Pass and get grinding in Fortnite Season 4? Or are you a Fortnite regular planning to stay up to date regardless? What about being on the fence, does Nexus War sway you in either direction? Let us know what you think about Nexus War and the new Marvel skins over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!