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Fortnite – Search Where the Stone Heads are Looking

by Larryn Bell

At the start of Season 5 in Fortnite, new objects began appearing all throughout the map, including a series of stone head statues that resemble those found at Easter Island. There are seven stone heads in Fortnite, each facing a different direction. One of the Season 5 Battle Pass challenges for Week 6 tasks players with searching where the stone heads are looking to potentially find a hidden Battle Star. 

This challenge is a bit different from the other triangulation challenges from previous weeks, as it involves finding the focal point between multiple objects, rather than just three. If you haven’t found all of the stone statues yet, don’t worry. We’ll explain where to go to search where the stone heads are looking in Fortnite to see what might be in store.

Search Where the Stone Heads are Looking

There are several stone head statues strewn across the map in Fortnite. Prior to the discovery of this challenge, Reddit user ShadoukenGames happened to take the time to map out the line of sight for each stone head based on the directions they are facing, showing where their lines of sight converge.

All of the stone head statues are looking in the general direction of Salty Springs, just slightly to the southwest. This is where you will need to search in order to complete this challenge for Week 6 of Season 5 in Fortnite. Climb or land on top of the small mountain southwest of Salty Springs and search the ground to discover the hidden Battle Star. We’ve marked the location on the map above.

Now that you know where the stone heads are looking in Fortnite, you should be able to complete this challenge rather easily. If you need help with some of the other tricky challenges from Season 5, such as where to find all flaming hoops or clay pigeon locations in Fortnite, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 5 Weekly Challenge Guide

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