One of Fortnite’s Week 8 challenges for Season 7 tasks players with yet another triangulation challenge, which involves searching between a mysterious hatch, giant rock lady, and precarious flatbed in Fortnite. These challenges involve finding the three landmarks and searching at a point between all of them to collect a hidden Battle Star. We’ll explain where to go so that you can complete this challenge and be one step closer to unlocking the Ice King skin in Fortnite.

These challenges aren’t particularly difficult. The tricky part is figuring out where the three landmarks are first, but usually if you know where to find at least one of them, you can figure out the rest and determine where the Battle Star is located. We’ll help you skip he hard part and show you exactly where to go below.

Mysterious Hatch Location

If you’re a seasoned Fortnite player, you may be familiar with the mysterious hatch found in the Wailing Woods forest. This hatch has been considered a possible reference to Lost, as the in-game hatch is just as mysterious as the one from the hit TV show.

Fortnite Mysterious Hatch

Giant Rock Lady Location

Similar to the Giant Rock Man from Week 5, this week’s challenge involves finding a Giant Rock Lady over on the east side of the map. You can see her perched on top of a hill to the southeast of Wailing Woods.

Fortnite giant rock lady location

Precarious Flatbed Location

Finally, the precarious flatbed is found dangling off the edge of the map’s east border.

Fortnite precarious flatbed

You will find the hidden Battle Star on hill to the east of Wailing Woods. If you’re on the hill with the Giant Rock Lady, the location will be to the northeast. The Battle Star will pop up over a small patch of dirt once you get close enough. Collect the Battle Star to complete the challenge.

Fortnite search between a mysterious hatch map

For a closer look at where to go, check out the map image below, where we have marked the location with the in-game marker.

search between a mysterious hatch map

Now that you know where to search between a mysterious hatch, giant rock lady, and precarious flatbed in Fortnite, you will be one step closer to finishing all of this week’s challenges and unlocking the Week 8 Snowfall Challenge loading screen. For more Season 7 challenge tips, check out our guides on where to search for Chilly Gnomes, as well as all Expedition Outpost locations in Fortnite.