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Fortnite Piano Locations – Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge

by Larryn Bell

One of the Battle Pass challenges for Season 7 of Fortnite requires players to play sheet music at pianos found near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge. Although this isn’t the first piano challenge to hit Fortnite, this time you don’t actually have to track down the sheet music first, which makes this challenge a bit easier than before. All you need to do is head straight to the piano locations near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge and play the notes on the sheet music when you arrive. We’ll explain how to do this quickly so that you can collect your Battle Stars and be on your merry way. 

Pleasant Park Piano Location

First, let’s start with where to find each of the piano locations. The first piano is found on top the hill to the west of Pleasant Park, not far from where it was in a previous season.  The sheet music on the Pleasant Park piano is quite short, and consists of the following notes: E, G, C, D, E

Fortnite Piano Sheet Music Pleasant Park

The piano sheet music near Pleasant Park is certainly the easier one of the two. Simply jump on the corresponding keys on the keyboard in the proper order to play the sheet music. Keen ears will notice that this series of notes is a small portion of the “Jingle Bells” song, specifically the “jingle all the way” part. 

Lonely Lodge Piano Location

The piano and sheet music near Lonely Lodge is a bit harder to spot if you don’t quite know where to look. The piano keys are located along the cliffside overlooking the water just north of the abandoned superhero mansion. The notes for this piano’s sheet music are as follows: C, C, C, F, F, F, E, F, G, A, A#, G, A. If you listen carefully, you’ll notice that this is the first verse of the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Fortnite Piano Sheet Music Lonely Lodge

It’s much easier to mess up while playing these notes, as you may be tempted to start at the C on the far left of the keyboard. Instead, start at middle C and go from there. You know you’ve played the song correctly if the piano plays the song back to you after you’ve finished the string of notes.

There you have it. Once you’ve played the sheet music on the pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge, you should be able to score yourself some easy Battle Stars toward leveling up your Battle Pass for Season 7. We suggest trying to complete this challenge in one of the limited time modes, such as Teams of 33, to limit your chances of running into enemy players along the way. 

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