Fortnite Battle Royale players have a new challenge for them to complete and earn some valuable experience points that consist of finding the locations of no swimming signs. The swim mechanic was introduced into the high-profile game when Chapter 2 first released, and now members of the community must find signage that discourages them from partaking in the new feature at specific locations. However, we are rebels and will be swimming at the locations of these no signs to complete our challenge. Fortunately, we have all of the no swimming signs covered for you

Fortnite No Swimming Signs Locations

You only need to swim at 2 of these areas to complete this particular challenge for the fan-favorite title, so it should not take you too long if you set aside some time to complete it quickly. You can find two of the areas where you can visit to complete this challenge on the image below:

 Fortnite No Swimming Signs Locations

Once you have made your way to these areas, all that you need to do is go for a swim, and you will be rewarded with completion progress. However, there are sure to be plenty of other players visiting these no swimming signs locations as well, so you may face massive resistance from enemy players when trying to complete this challenge. 

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