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Fortnite Mountain Peak Locations – Summit Different Mountain Peaks

by Larryn Bell

Among the weekly Battle Pass challenges revealed for Week 6 is a challenge that requires players to summit different mountain peaks in Fortnite Battle Royale. Players must reach the peak of ten mountains to fulfill this challenge and earn five Battle Stars. While mountains are relatively easy to find in Fortnite, we’ve put together a guide detailing several mountain peak locations in Fortnite to help players get a head start on this challenge.

The “Summit different Mountain Peaks” challenge is a bit easier than the Gas Station challenge from last week, since this Week 6 challenge does not have to be completed during a single match. If you take your time and land on one mountain peak per match, you can summit enough mountain peaks for this challenge in just 10 matches.

Fortnite Mountain Peak Locations

Like the bullseye targets in the Bullseye challenge, mountain peaks are fairly easy to spot from the Battle Bus in Fortnite. All you must do to complete this challenge is reach the top of 10 mountains, whether it be through landing on them at the start or by building your way to the top. 

Landing on them is the safest route, as you won’t have to worry as much about running into players who have found weapons already, since they will likely be landing there for the same reason. Just make sure to aim for the highest point on the mountain when landing, as there won’t be many materials around to build your way higher if you land on a lower plateau of the mountain.

Most of the mountain peaks in Fortnite Battle Royale are located within the west side of the map. We’ve circled a handful of mountain peaks in the map below to help get you started. 

Note that there’s a cluster of mountains surrounding Pleasant Park. If you strategically gather building materials, you could start at one of these peaks and build your way across to each one, marking off nearly all the mountain peaks required for the challenge in a single match.

Fortnite summit mountain peaks challenge

When you reach the peak of a mountain in Fortnite, you’ll notice a white, transparent hologram of a flag pole somewhere on top. Approach the hologram flag, and a flag with your banner emblem will appear, confirming that you’ve summited the mountain peak. Repeat this on ten different mountain peaks in Fortnite to complete the challenge and earn some easy Battle Stars.

As you summit different mountain peaks in Fortnite, make sure to fully complete the match afterward, otherwise your summit progress for that round won’t be counted toward the challenge. Players also need to have purchased the Battle Pass so that the details of the challenges will appear in-game during battle. Without the Battle Pass, these different mountain peaks will just be regular mountains and won’t have the flags on top.

Now that you know how to summit different mountain peaks to complete this Battle Pass challenge, make sure to search between a metal bridge, three billboards, and a crashed bus to complete yet another Week 6 challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale. For more weekly challenge guides, head over to our Fortnite Battle Royale Guide Hub.

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