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Fortnite Lightning Bolt Locations – All Floating Lightning Bolts

by Larryn Bell

Fortnite Season 5 is upon us, and aside from the usual treasure hunt challenge, the first set of Battle Pass challenges for Fortnite Season 5 tasks players with searching for seven Floating Lighting Bolts strewn across the new map in Fortnite. Players must own the Season 5 Battle Pass to find and collect the Floating Lightning Bolts, as this is one of the premium challenges rather than the free ones. We’ve put together a list of all Floating Lighting Bolt locations we know of in Fortnite, along with a map indicating where to find them.

Fortnite Lightning Bolt Locations 

The Floating Lighting Bolts in Fortnite are suspended high above the ground. When searching for each Lighting Bolt, look for a faint yellow beam that reaches down toward the ground. You will need to build your way up to each Floating Lighting Bolt to search them for the challenge, so make sure you have some resources handy.

Fortnite All Lighting Bolt Locations 

Below is a list of every Floating Lighting Bolt in Fortnite that we know of so far. While we may have missed some, there is more than enough here for you to complete this challenge, as you only need to search seven Floating Lighting Bolts.

  1. There is a Lightning Bolt above the new trees near the center of Dusty Divot.
  2. South of the dance hall at the unnamed location northeast of Flush Factory.
  3. Find a Lighting Bolt in Greasy Grove not far from the Durrr Burger restaurant.
  4. There is a Floating Lighting Bolt between the mountain peaks near Haunted Hills.
  5. Head to Junk Junction and look for a Lighting Bolt over the demolished cars.
  6. Search for a Floating Lighting Bolt above the Motel west of Lazy Links.
  7. Find a Lighting Bolt hovering above the west dock of Loot Lake.
  8. There’s a Floating Lighting Bolt northeast of Lucky Landing, just before the desert.
  9. At Paradise Palms, find a Lighting Bolt near the buildings on the west side.
  10. Look for a Lightning Bolt suspended over the center of Tilted Towers.
  11. Search between the houses on the west end of Retail Row.
  12. A Lighting Bolt is floating over the end of the river to the north, west of Risky Reels.
  13. Find a Lighting Bolt high above the north end of Salty Springs.
  14. Southeast of Salty Springs, find another Lightning Bolt near the wooden bridge.
  15. Search near the bridge south of Shifty Shafts for another Floating Lighting Bolt.
  16. Another Lighting Bolt is hovering near the villain lair northest of Snobby Shores.
  17. To the west of Tomato Town, look for a Lightning Bolt floating above the river. 
  18. To the northeast of Tomato Town, there is another Lightning Bolt high above the cliff.

Now that you know where to find nearly every Floating Lighting Bolt in Fortnite, all you have to do now is make your way to each location and build up to search the Lighting Bolts. Once you have searched seven Floating Lighting Bolts, the challenge will be complete.

Once you are done with this challenge, make sure you follow the Risky Reels treasure map to collect the hidden Battle Star and mark off another weekly challenge for Week 1 of Fortnite Season 5.

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