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Fortnite Hungry Gnomes – All Hungry Gnome Locations

by Larryn Bell

One of the Week 8 challenges for Season 4 instructs players to search hungry gnomes in Fortnite. This challenge is very similar to the gnome challenge from last season, only this time the gnomes are hungry, which gives us a clue on where to look for them. Below, you’ll find a list of all the hungry gnome locations in Fortnite that we know of so far. 

All Hungry Gnomes in Fortnite

For this challenge, all you have to do is track down seven hungry gnomes in Fortnite and interact with each gnome to ‘search’ them. Each hungry gnome is usually found behind a counter or near a shelf of snacks within a gas station, restaurant, or grocery store. These are hungry gnomes, after all.

All Hungry Gnomes Fortnite

  1. There is a hungry gnome in the main barn at Anarchy Acres.
  2. Visit the burger restaurant in Greasy Grove to find a hungry gnome in the basement.
  3. Look behind a counter at the dance hall in the shipping yard northeast of Flush Factory.
  4. Head north of Flush Factory to find a hungry gnome in the unnamed town.
  5. There’s a hungry gnome in Tomato Town behind a counter in the pizza restaurant.
  6. Find a hungry gnome between the shelves at the northeast gas station in Pleasant Park.
  7. Another hungry gnome is found at the new soccer stadium north of Pleasant Park.
  8. Visit Salty Springs and search a hungry gnome in the gas station.
  9. Head to the building on the west side of Risky Reels to find a hungry gnome behind the counter.
  10. Find a hungry gnome by a pair of drink machines at the center grocery store in Tilted Towers.
  11. A hungry gnome is in the gas station north of the indoor soccer pitch west of Tilted Towers.
  12. Head to the southwest building in Moisty Mire to find another hungry gnome in Fortnite.
  13. Visit the gas station south of Shifty Shafts to discover a hungry gnome.
  14. Listen for a hungry gnome in the southern house at Snobby Shores.
  15. There is a hungry gnome in the corner of the Retail Row convenience store.
  16. Travel south of Retail Row past where you search between a bear to find a hungry gnome in the gas station.

When you get close to a hungry gnome, you’ll hear a slight ‘nom nom’ sound. They’ll even sound like they’re munching on something. Follow their voice as well as the map above to find all seven hungry gnomes in Fortnite to complete this Week 8 challenge. 

Note that our list contains more hungry gnome locations than what’s needed to complete this challenge. There may even be more hungry gnomes than what we have listed here. You only need to search hungry gnomes in seven of these locations to satisfy the challenge, but it’s better to have more locations to work with than not enough.

Searching for seven hungry gnomes may take a few matches, but you’ll get this challenge done before you know it. If you’re still working on leveling up your Battle Pass before the end of Season 4, be sure to visit our other Fortnite Season 4 Weekly Challenge guides for more tips.

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