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Fortnite Port-a-Fort Guide – How to Use the Port-a-Fort

by Larryn Bell

Fortnite’s latest patch update has introduced a brand new item for Fortnite Battle Royale that will certainly come in handy on the battlegrounds. The new item is the Port-a-Fort, a utility-based grenade that allows players to quickly throw down an instant fort during the heat of combat. After being teased earlier this week, Epic has since unleashed this new item into Battle Royale as part of Fortnite Update v3.5, which also introduced the highly-anticipated Replay System to Fortnite. This guide will briefly cover everything you should know about the new Port-a-Fort device, including how it works and where to get it. Check out the video below to see the new Port-a-Fort in action in Fortnite.

How the Fortnite Port-a-Fort Works

Port-a-Forts are new consumable items exclusive to Fortnite Battle Royale that were introduced with Update v3.5. In Fortnite, Port-a-Forts are described as gadgets that sprout a “quick defensive position upon impact.”

As the name suggests, Port-a-Forts are basically portable fort-crafting devices. The Port-a-Fort will instantly construct a pre-made, three-story fort structure at the point of impact when thrown, giving the player instant cover during combat. The form design of the fort is also indicated on the outside of the Port-a-Fort bomb itself, so that players know the general outline of what sort of structure the item will create.

Fortnite Port-a-Fort Guide

The three-story fort created by a Port-a-Fort will be entirely composed of metal, the strongest material in Fortnite. The bottom floor of the structure is a 1×1 square with a door for entry and several tires on the ground that can be used to bounce to the upper levels. Not only does the Port-a-Fort cut down on the time it takes to build such an elaborate structure, it also allows players to reserve the building materials they’ve collected throughout the match for other structural elements. 

Port-a-Fort devices act like bombs, which means they are consumable items rather than trap items. Port-a-Forts will take up space in one of your regular inventory slots and have a limited number of uses. 

Port-a-Forts only come in Epic (purple) rarity, so don’t expect to see Port-a-Forts popping up all too often. These devices come in stacks of one, but will stack up to five in your inventory if you’re lucky enough to run into multiple. Look for Port-a-Forts on the ground or within chests and supply drops in Fortnite.

The Port-a-Fort is a handy utility item for Fortnite players who aren’t particularly good at building defensive structures during battle or who haven’t gotten the hang of combat building in Fortnite. These nifty gadgets are also particularly useful for Fortnite mobile players on iOS, since the building mechanics on mobile tend to be a bit cumbersome. Constructing forts and swapping between materials on the fly takes practice, so being able to instantly throw down an optimized fort in the heat of battle will surely give its creator the upper hand.

The new Port-a-Fort item arrives just ahead of this week’s new set of challenges in Fortnite. Head over to our Fortnite Weekly Challenge Guide to find out how to complete this week’s Battle Pass challenges, which include searching between three boats as well as visiting different Taco Shops in a single match.

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