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Fortnite: How to Get a Firefly Jar

by Andrew Smith

As with most online service games, Fortnite is constantly changing and evolving. In a recent update to Chapter 2: Season 3, Epic has introduced a new item and feature to the game which will allow players to capture and weaponize fireflies. In this guide, we are going to take a look at everything we know about the Fortnite firefly jar including how to get it, where to find fireflies, and more.

Fortnite Firefly Jar – Where to Find Fireflies, Damage, and Location

Luckily, players won’t have to do anything to get a firefly jar in Fortnite, as it will be in your inventory at the start of a game (as long as you’re in a night time match) and will take up one slot. Players will be able to catch fireflies by walking up to a group of them with the jar in hand and pressing the collect button. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sneak up on them or worry about them flying away. In Fortnite, fireflies appear in the evening near the woods, the trees, and campfires.

Once players have filled up their firefly jar, it can be thrown at opponents and will start a fire in the area that it was thrown. If the fire makes contact with a player, it will deal 40 damage to them. In all likelihood, you won’t be using fireflies as a weapon of mass destruction too often, but it could come in handy to smoke out a camper, cause a distraction, or simply create some chaos. 

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The Fortnite firefly jar item was added into the game on June 23 and is currently in an evaluation period. While this could certainly change, it most likely means that Epic is testing out the item and may remove it to make some adjustments or to bring it back into the game at a later date. In the meantime, if you find yourself near the woods at night, be sure to look for some fireflies and try it out!

If you haven’t checked out Chapter 2: Season 3 yet, Epic has made some pretty big changes. For example, there are four new named locations on the map that players can visit, and the majority of the island is now underwater, thanks to the Doomsday device event at the end of Season 2. Further, players can now ride sharks to get around quicker or visit a whirlpool to redeploy their glider. Oh, and there are some special challenges that will allow players to unlock an Aquaman skin later in the season. 

As usual, there are still weekly challenges released every Thursday in-game, that will allow players to earn XP for the Battle Pass. If you find yourself needing help with any of those challenges, be sure to check out the homepage for some detailed guides that will tell you everything you need to know. Below are some links to some of our recent coverage.

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