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Fortnite – Give Players Permission to Build in Your Home Base

by Josh Hawkins

The majority of Fortnite’s gameplay takes place in different missions, where players will have to complete a series of objectives to pass the mission. Sometimes, though, to get new missions and progress through the main storyline, you’ll need to head back to your home base and expand your Storm Shield. You’ll usually want some friends around to help when this happens, and you’ll probably want to give them building permissions while you’re at it—so that they can place their own traps to help you out. In this article we’ll show you how to give other players permission to build in Fortnite, so they can help you build up your Homebase.

It should be noted that giving permissions to random players could turn out badly, as the items placed at your Homebase do not vanish when you leave the mission (as they do in other missions). Be careful who you trust to build in your Homebase and you should be fine.

How to Give Building Permissions

Giving building permissions to another player inside your home base is actually really easy, but as we stated above, you’ll want to make sure you can trust this person, as they will have free reign to destroy or place anything that they want to. That being said, if you trust that person, then continue reading to learn how to give them building permissions.

After you load into the game, head directly towards your Storm Shield(the main unit in the middle of the area). This is the first item you placed during your Homebase defense missions, and you may need to navigate your fortifications to get inside to the control panel.

Once beside the Storm Shield machine, look for the console that you use to activate the expansions, and then interact with it. This should popup the menu where you can choose to expand the shield (assuming you’ve reached the next milestone for that).

Look directly above the middle area—where you click to expand the Storm Shield—and you should see a small tab that says Permissions. Click on that tab, and you should see another menu popup, listing all of the people in the match with you.

Click on the people’s names and then you can choose to give them building permissions. Doing this will allow them to place walls, floors, ceilings, traps, and even destroy items like trees, rocks, and other items in the world around your Homebase.

Now that you know how to give other players building permissions in your Homebase, be sure to head back over to our Fortnite guide for even more helpful articles like how to get new heroes, and even how to increase your power level.