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Fortnite Fortbyte 82: How to Solve the Pressure Plate Puzzle Northwest of The Block

by John Cooper

The Fortbytes are little computer chips that contain 1/100th of a single large image, one that won’t be revealed until all of the pieces have been collected. Each one has a different requirement to unlock. Some of them need you to earn a lot of experience points, some of them need you to use a specific Emote in a specific place, and others need you to track them down in the map itself. Fortbyte 82 is one of the latter, you have to figure out how to solve the pressure plate puzzle northwest of The Block. If you can manage it, then Fortbyte 82 is yours to claim. 

Where to find Fortbyte 82

The puzzle itself isn’t actually all that challenging, it just requires a healthy dose of teamwork. When you land in the area marked on the map below you’ll see the pressure plates in a T shape. There are three plates with the prize appearing in the middle when all three are being pressed at the same time. The best way to do this is to take a team of 4 to the area and simply rotate roles so you can all grab the chip for yourselves. This is much easier with 4 people you know because it makes for easier communication and cooperation.

If you don’t have the luxury of three friends who play Fortnite at the same time as you, then just try marking it as your landing spot when playing with a team and hope for the best. With any luck, they will get the hint and you’ll be able to grab this piece of the Fortbyte puzzle. 

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