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Fortnite: Fortbyte 69 Location Of The Stone Pig

by John Cooper

Fortbytes were introduced at the beginning of Season 9 of Fortnite. They are small computer chips that can be found strewn throughout the world of Fortnite and can either be unlocked by accomplishing certain feats or simply visiting them and picking them up. As you collect more of them you’ll work your way towards greater loot and also help reveal the picture that is hidden behind them.

As a new one pops up each day it has become common practice for most players to jump in and take a bit of time to get each one. That’s why there’s this Fortnite Fortbyte 69 location guide to help you fill out your collection. 

Fortnite Fortbyte 69 Location

This particular Fortbyte can be found within a giant stone pig, which will mean that some of you know exactly where to find it, while others will have no idea. The stone pig in question is located to the east of Lucky Landing along the coast. In order to get to it properly, you’ll either need to land on top of the porcine edifice or simply build your way up to it.

Fortbyte 69 can be found within the belly of the beast so you’re going to need to make your way inside of it. Once there you should be able to see the Fortbyte simply waiting for you, so go and grab it and you’re done. Then it’s just a matter of trying to win the current match before continuing on with your day. 

Fortnite Fortbyte 69 Location

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