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Fortnite: Fortbyte 61 Location Guide

by John Cooper

The Fortbytes continue their methodical invasion of the world of Fortnite and the only thing you can do to help is tray and collect them. Each and every day brings a new Fortbyte to the fray and each of these has its own requirements. 

A lot of these little challenges are as simple as just going to the correct place on the map. The more complicated challenges have you using a specific emote or wearing a specific skin in the right place. These are a little tougher because you need to have unlocked the item in question before you can go and get the Fortbyte. Well, this is our Fortnite Fortbyte 61 location guide and we are here to help you with this challenge. 

Fortnite Fortbyte 61 Location

To add Fortbyte 61 to your collection you need to use the Sunbird Spray on a frozen waterfall. As is usually the case, this is actually a specific place rather than just any frozen waterfall. 

Before you do anything else, make sure you have reached Tier 26 of the Battle Pass so that you actually have access to the Sunbird Spray. Then also make sure you have it equipped before you head into the world to try and Fortbyte 61. 

Now that that’s all sorted, it’s time to find the right place to use this spray. You need to head to the ice biome just below Snobby Shores and then find the frozen waterfall in the spot marked below. To grab the Fortbyte you need to use the spray in the upper part of the waterfall first to allow you to interact with it. 

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