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Fortnite Fortbyte 43 Location: Where Is The Banana Stand

by John Cooper


Who doesn’t love a Monday? It’s the start of another glorious work week, summer is in the air, and another new week of Fortbytes is upon us. We had one very standard challenge and one genuinely interesting one over the weekend, but who knows what is on the horizon as this new week dawns. Fortbytes, probably more Fortbytes.

If you aren’t familiar with Fortbytes, then here is the what you need to know. They are little floating computer chips that you collect in order to unlock loot and reveal a special image. This image no doubt holds lots of secrets, and the more that gets revealed, the stranger things become. Odd stuff. All we know for sure is, today you need to find the Fortnite Fortbyte 43 location and we are here to help.

Fortnite Fortbyte 43 Location

Today we have to wear the Nana Cape Back Bling while inside a banana stand. That means our first job is to actually unlock the Nana Cape Back Bling, which you can do by collecting 40 Fortbytes as part of the Bunker Jonesy challenges. We have lots of other guides on the Fortbytes, so hitting 40 should be easy. 

Now that you have the Nana Cape and have it equipped, head on over to the southwest of Neo Tilted and you’ll see the bright yellow banana stand. Just head on inside and grab it and you’ll have added yet another Forbtyte to your collection. 

Congratulations on finding the Fortnite Fortbyte 43 location, you can now move onto other things. You should make your first port of call our Fortnite Hub, where we post all kind of guides and news about the wonderful Battle Royale game. After that, make your way over to Prima Games on Twitter and give us a follow. That way, you can become a part of the great community that we are part of.