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Fortnite Claptrap Missing Eye Location

by Nicholas Barth

Tuesday, August 27th saw the latest high-profile crossover take place for Fortnite Battle Royale. This new Fortnite X Mayhem crossover saw the popular Borderlands franchise invade the battle royale title. There were plenty of additions added to the battle royale game with the new Borderlands crossover including an array of new challenges. One of these new challenges tasks players with finding the missing eye of everyone’s favorite robot Claptrap. If you are interested in learning the location of the missing eye for Claptrap, be sure to check out the location below. 

Fortnite Claptrap Missing Eye Location

Players will find the missing eye of Claptrap in the brand new Pandora Rift Zone location that was added to the game’s map with the implementation of the Fortnite and Borderlands crossover event. This missing eye will then be found in the eastern bandit camp in the Pandora Rift Zone. After securing the missing eye of Claptrap, Fortnite players will then need to return it to the fan-favorite robot at his location near the entrance of the Pandora Rift Zone. 

You can find the location of both the missing eye of Claptrap and the robot itself on the map below:

Fortnite Claptrap Missing Eye Location

Having the knowledge of the location for the missing eye of Claptrap will help you complete one of the newest challenges added into Fortnite with the battle royale game’s Borderlands crossover event. You can check out everything this new crossover event entails in our comprehensive breakdown of the event

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