With the rollout of the Neymar Jr quests come questions including where to find soccer characters in Fortnite. One of the Neymar Jr quests tasks players with finding and talking to a soccer player, while others ask players to score a goal. To help kick things off (pun intended) we’ve put together a quick guide showing you where to find soccer characters in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Where to Find Soccer Characters

In the map image above, we’ve circled the location of all the soccer characters in Fortnite. In total, there are three soccer characters. 

The easiest one to find is located in the soccer field at Pleasant Park, but depending on the path of the Battle Bus, you may find it easier to drop in at Holly Hedges or Dirty Docks. 

To simplify things further, we’ve listed all three soccer characters below along with their exact locations to help make them easier to find. 

Where to Find Soccer Characters - Galactico (Pleasant Park) 

The first and arguably easiest soccer character to find in Fortnite is Galactico who’s located in the soccer field in Pleasant Park. Note that in the center of the soccer field, you’ll typically find a Chest.

During our time speaking to soccer characters, we’ve noticed other Fortnite players being courteous and not shooting at people as they’re speaking to Galactico.

However, being prepared with weapons can be useful in the event that someone starts shooting at you. If you don’t see a Chest in the middle of the soccer field, there also tends to be a Chest that spawns under the covered area near the soccer field with tables and benches. 

Where to Find Soccer Characters - Derby Dominator (Holly Hedges)

The second soccer character in Fortnite is Derby Dominator who's located on the eastern edge of Holly Hedges.

The soccer field is located right next to a large house with plenty of weapons and supplies inside to help you avoid elimination while you chat with Derby Dominator. 

Where to Find Soccer Characters - Shot Stopper (Dirty Docks)

The last soccer character on this list is Shot Stopper who's located on the southest edge of Dirty Docks. 

Of the three, this soccer field is the trickiest to find if you're on the ground. From above you should be able to see it next to the large warehouse where the NPC Tess can be found. 

Again, once you find and talk to one of these soccer characters in Fortnite, you’ll be able to cross that particular Neymar Jr quest off your list. 

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