Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has a wealth of activities for players to enjoy, and 46 NPCs to interact with. Among these NPCs is Rebirth Raven. When you speak to her, you’ll be treated to a number of options from quests to key map information.

If you’re having a hard time finding Rebirth Raven, or simply want to know what options she has available, we’ve got you covered with this quick guide! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Where to Find Rebirth Raven

In the map image above, we’ve circled where you can find Rebirth Raven in Fortnite. As you can see, Rebirth Raven is located in a small home west of Sweaty Sands. The home sits on a hilltop overlooking the ocean, it’s very cozy. 

You’ll typically find Rebirth Raven inside this home, although NPCs do tend to walk around so it’s possible you may find her wandering around the property outside. For example, when we exited from her home and left the door open she decided to come outside as well. 

If another player were to swing by after we’d left, they may find Rebirth Raven outside as opposed to inside. You get the idea.

When you speak with Rebirth Raven, she’ll give you several different options to choose from. 

These options include two quests where you can earn Bars, Activate a Rift for 245 Bars, and Storm Forecast for 170 Bars which reveals the location of the next storm circle. Note that the options Rebirth Raven offers may change as Season 6 progresses.

To quickly recap, Rebirth Raven is located in a small house on a hilltop west of Sweaty Sands. If you’re looking to find other NPCs in Fortnite, we recommend checking out our guide showing you where to find all 46 NPCs in the game! 

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