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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 6 | Destroy 7 Boats

by Morgan Shaver

As Fortnite players work to complete all of the Week 6 Challenges, they may notice that there are two different tasks centered around destroying boats.

The first one specifies that you’ll need to destroy motorboats, while the second just says “boats” and that’s it. To help make things easier to understand, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to destroy seven boats in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 6 | Destroy 7 Boats

Unlike the Week 6 Challenge that asks you to destroy motorboats, the Challenge that asks you to destroy seven “boats” is a little different. Motorboats are the ones that you can interact with, and in doing so, can sail across lake, ocean, and river areas.

All motorboats look the same. In the image above, you’ll see two regular boats, and on the right, a motorboat. Unlike the motorboat challenge, the one that tasks you with destroying seven boats is a bit more open.

You can destroy stationary boats and canoes, along with motorboats, in order to make progress on this Week 6 Challenge. To “destroy” boats, simply whip out your pickaxe and start swinging.

If you’re trying to destroy a motorboat and it starts floating away, you can also shoot at it to destroy it, although this wastes ammo so we recommend it only as a last resort. 

If you’re looking to complete the “Destroy 7 Boats” portion of the Week 6 Challenge list as fast as possible, we recommend landing at Craggy Cliffs as you can find a number of boats here, all in close proximity to one another. 

Note that other Fortnite players will also land here, so it’s worth picking up weapons and supplies in the inner buildings before destroying boats, otherwise you might get shot mid-swing as you pickaxe boats along the shore. 

You can also destroy boats at other locations, you don’t have to land at Craggy Cliffs if you don’t want to. As an example, we destroyed a canoe parked on the shore of Sweaty Sands and it counted towards our overall progress. 

The only downside is there was only a single canoe here as opposed to the numerous boats found at Craggy Cliffs (we grabbed four at Craggy Cliffs before the storm pushed us towards the inner portions of the map).

If it helps, you can also make progress on this Challenge over the course of several different matches, you don’t have to destroy seven boats in a single match.

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