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Fortnite Catty Corner Vault Location

by Nicholas Barth

Chapter 2 Season 3 has brought an array of new things for players to experience when they enter the world of Fortnite. One of the new additions is the group of bosses that players can find scattered across the map. Eliminating these bosses will provide players with keycards that they can use to unlock vaults, which are comprised of valuable loot. One of these vaults is the Catty Corner vault. Fortunately, we have the location of the Catty Corner vault covered for you so that you can go and reap its benefits. 

Fortnite Catty Corner Vault Location

Players will find that the location of this area is right to the north of the Catty Corner location on the map of Chapter 2 Season 3. You can find this specific area in the image below:

 Fortnite Catty Corner Vault Location

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Once players have arrived in the area on the map above, they will need to hunt down the boss known as Kit. Eliminate Kit to secure the keycard from him. You will then be able to use the keycard dropped by Kit to open up the vault at the Catty Corner location, which can be found on the West side of the mark on the map above. It will be found under a storage container. 

Players who can find the location of the Catty Corner vault and secure all of its loot will be able to outfit themselves greatly and provide their team with a much better chance of achieving victory. 

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