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Fortnite Brute Mech Locations Guide

by Nicholas Barth

The Fortnite Battle Royale world was changed forever with the start of Season X taking place on Thursday, August 1st. The explosion of the Loot Lake orb caused plenty of changes to the world of Fortnite. One of these significant changes was the addition of the powerful Brute Mech vehicle. This Brute Mech vehicle allows two players to jump in and use its powerful arsenal to eliminate their enemies. If you are curious about the locations where you can find these robotic monsters on the map of Fortnite, be sure to check out everything you need to know about the locations of these new vehicles below. 

Fortnite Brute Locations

Unfortunately for players looking to memorize the locations of the Brute vehicle, these newly added robots spawn at entirely random places every single match. However, players will be able to find the random locations of the Fortnite Brute vehicles in a particular game by looking for the icon of the Mech on their maps. These icons will be your primary way of finding th locations of a Fortnite Brute and gaining the opportunity to use its powerful arsenal in battle. 

Fortnite Brute Locations

With the mech vehicles being huge and packing enough firepower to sound like a volcano eruption, players should not have too much trouble knowing if one of these robotic giants are near them even without looking at their map. 

There are also likely to be some challenges later on in the season which will require you to find a specific number of the newly added vehicles at various areas. This highly likely occurrence means players will be ahead of the game if they know the spawns of the Mechs are entirely random for each match by being able to strategize around this fact.

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