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Fortnite – All Waterside Goose Nest Locations

by Larryn Bell

The 14 Days of Fortnite challenges have been extended, which means players have extra time to complete any of the holiday challenges they may have missed. One of the challenges requires players to search waterside goose nests that are found throughout the Fortnite map. We’ll explain where to find waterside goose nests and what to look for so that you can complete this challenge and be on your way.

All Waterside Goose Nest Locations

Fortnite goose nests

As the name suggests, waterside goose nests are typically found next to a body of water such as a pond, lake, or river. You will need to search six waterside goose nests to complete the challenge. You may stumble upon these nests on your own, but if you’re looking to complete this challenge quickly, then you’ll want to study the waterside goose nest locations we’ve marked on the map image below. 

Fortnite waterside goose nest locations map

The most efficient way to complete this challenge is to head to a body of water and search along the perimeter for waterside goose nests. Dusty Divot is a great place to start, as you can find at least three waterside goose nests relatively close to one another beside the small ponds within the crater.

The west side of the desert is also a good place to search for waterside goose nests in Fortnite. There is one at the oasis that connects to the waterfall, and another one at a small pond further north. Follow the stream from the waterfall south to find another waterside goose nest in the valley. 

There are a few more waterside goose nests around Loot Lake and along the river leading south from the lake, but these nests are quite far apart and it may take some time to visit each one. You should probably only search these other locations if you happen to be in the area.

Once you have searched six waterside goose nests in Fortnite, you can move on to some of the other 14 Days of Fortnite challenges you may have missed, such as visiting giant candy canes, destroying snowflake decorations, or thanking the bus driver.

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