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Fortnite 2FA Guide: How to Enable 2FA and Rewards

by Ginny Woo

The talk of the town with Fortnite recently has pivoted away a little from the Dusty Divot. In fact, we’re now onto the topic of two-factor authentication and how it can help make sure that all your hard work over the past seasons doesn’t evaporate in the blink of an eye should your account get hacked. Check out our Fortnite 2FA guide to find out how to enable it, and what rewards you can get for being conscious about your account’s safety. 

Fortnite 2FA Guide — How to Enable 2FA

If you’re having a problem enabling Fortnite 2FA, then we’ve got you covered. It’s no secret that hacked accounts have been historically a problem for the title and for Epic Games users, so this is a prudent way to take steps to prevent that. Like with most other 2FA services for games, it’ll be an extra step upon logging in — you’ll either receive a confirmation that it is in fact you wanting to log in via an authentication app or by email. 

You’ll want to go to to get this feature enabled for your account. You’ll be prompted to log into your Epic Games account, where you’ll then be able to select the method of delivery for your 2FA code. This change will take effect the next time you login, and persist after that. 

Fortnite 2FA Guide — Rewards for Enabling 2FA

If you’ve taken the right precautions to protect your Fortnite account, then you can look forward to a very special emote from the team — the Boogie Down emote. When you next login and notice that 2FA is enabled, you’ll also be able to claim this emote for your own use so that you can show off the slick dance moves of someone who’s trying to keep their Epic Games details safe. Nifty, huh?

Now that you know how this Fortnite 2FA business works, we would definitely recommend making sure that you protect your hard-earned emotes, cosmetics, and items with this feature. It’s been kicking around for a bit, but by our estimation, it’s better safe than sorry for sure. 


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