Another day, another Fortbyte. As the pieces continue to be released one at a time it makes you realise that we haven't even hit the halfway point of the season yet. These little computer chips were introduced at the beginning of Fortnite Season 9 and haven't stopped coming since. Collecting them will lead you to some brilliant loot and even a secret once they are all out, so making sure to check in each day is a good idea. The one we are looking for at the moment is Fortbyte 88 found somewhere within map location J3, which has a pretty big clue in the name. That being said, the exact location takes a little more work. 

Fortbyte 88 Found Somewhere Within Map Location J3

The section of the map we are looking for is east of both Pressure Plant and Sunny Steps. In order to find the exact location, you need to be looking to the east of the trees just before the shoreline in that area. Unlike many of the other Fortbytes, this one has no special markings or landmarks to guide you to it, just this one little clue. Well, that and the map below. You can find it in the middle of a rather sizeable grassy area near a small rock formation right on the coastline. You don't need any special emotes or skins to unlock it so you can simply pick it up once you arrive there. 

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