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Fortbyte 79: Found Within An Arcade

by John Cooper

Fortnite is keeping players coming back every day now in order to fill out the Fortbyte collection. Every single day at least one new computer chip gets added into the game for players to go out and find. Each of these has its own hint or challenge that needs to be completed before you can claim it as your own. When you’ve collected enough of them you’ll have access to some fantastic new loot, not to mention the secret that will apparently appear once all of them have been collected. The difficulty of the challenges varies as some of them require you to complete puzzles while others just ask you to turn up.  Fortbyte 79 found within an arcade is one that just asks you to go to the right place, so here is a guide on exactly where that is. 

Fortbyte 79: Found Within An Arcade

The arcade you are looking for can be found within Mega Mall, one of the areas introduced at the beginning of Season 9. Head over to it during a match or just choose to drop there at the beginning of the match, just be aware that it can be a very busy spot so you’ll need to be careful if you head straight there. The arcade itself is to the west of the Pizza Pit headquarters and you’re going to need to go inside in order to claim Fortbyte 79. Once you have fought your way inside the building just head behind the counter and you’ll see the floating computer chip waiting for you. 

You are now the proud owner of Fortbyte 79 found within an arcade. You should make the most of that fact and pay a visit to our Fortnite Hub to make sure you’ve got all of the other Fortbytes as well. Then, as long as you’re happy, you should check out Prima Games on Twitter and then follow us to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in gaming.