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Fortbyte 72: Found Within Salty Springs

by John Cooper

The Fortbytes never stop coming, this time we are looking for Fortbyte 72 which can be found within Salty Springs. In case you aren’t sure what the Fortbytes are, they’re little computer chips which can be collected in order to unlock loot later in Season 9 of Fortnite. Each one comes with its own challenge, and while some of them require special emotes or sprays, this one just needs to be tracked down and picked up. Thankfully, Salty Springs isn’t a very large area so even if you were to track it down on your own, it wouldn’t take too long. That being said, we’ve put together this little guide to help you find your way.

Where to Find Fortbyte 72

As Fortbyte 72 can be found within Salty Springs it makes sense to just head straight there when dropping from the Battlebus. As you can see from the map below, it is a fairly central location so no matter what path the Battlebus is taking you should be able to reach it. You should aim to land on the central northern prong of the town itself as that’s where the Fortbyte is. Once there, have a look around for a red car that is on its side. If you have a look around the front of the car you should spot Fortbyte 72 hanging out on the seats. Just interact with it and it will be added to your collection, then it is on to the rest of the battle.

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