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For Honor Stats Explained

by Bryan Dawson

For Honor has a wide variety of armor that has a multitude of various stats. This article offers For Honor stats explained so you know exactly what armor and weaponry to focus on when you get new drops after matches. Depending on your character and play style, different stats will have more or less importance to you. With For Honor stats explained, you can determine which stats you want to increase and which stats you don’t care about when looking at new armor.

For Honor Stats

Attack – Your base attack damage is directly influenced by the Attack stat. If you want to hit harder, increase this stat.

Block Damage – When a Heavy Attack is blocked, it still causes a bit of damage. Raising this stat increases the amount of damage inflicted when an opponent blocks your attack.

Block Damage Resistance – When you block a Heavy Attack it inflicts a very small amount of damage. This stat lowers that small amount of block damage received from Heavy Attacks.

Debuff Resistance – Bleed, poison and other damage over time effects are considered debuffs. This stat increases your resistance to those effects, lowering the damage taken.

Defense – Your base defense is determined by the Defense stat. The higher this stat, the less damage you take from attacks.

Execution Health Regen – When you perform an execution you regain some health. Increasing this stat raises the amount of health you gain from an execution.

Exhaustion Recovery – When you run out of stamina you enter an exhaustion state. This stat determines how long that stats lasts. The higher this stat, the shorter your exhaustion period will be.

Feat Cooldown Reduction – As you level up during battles you gain access to your four feats. After using a feat there’s a cooldown period before you can use it again. This stat determine how long that cooldown period is. The higher your Feat Cooldown Reduction stat, the faster you’ll be able to use your feats again.

Revenge Gain by Injury – This stat determines how much your Revenge Gauge increases when you take damage.

Revenge Gain by Defense – By default your Revenge Gauge increases every time you block or parry an attack. Raising this stat increases how much your Revenge Gauge fills with each block or parry.

Revenge Mode Attack – While the Attack stat determines your base attack damage. The Revenge Mode Attack stat determines how much your attack increases when you activate Revenge Mode.

Revenge Mode Defense – While your base defense is determined by the Defense stat, the Revenge Mode Defense stat determines how much your defense increases once you activate Revenge Mode.

Revenge Mode Duration – This stat determines how long your Revenge Mode lasts. The higher this stat, the longer your Revenge Mode lasts.

Revive Speed – If you increase your Revive Speed stat you will revive fallen teammates at a faster speed.

Sprint Speed – When you’re not locked on and sprinting, this stat determines how fast you run. Increase this stat to sprint at a faster pace.

Stamina Regen – Your stamina slowly regenerates whenever you’re not using an attack or movement that drains stamina. This stat increase the rate at which your stamina regenerates.

Stamina Cost Reduction – When you attack, dodge or perform any action that requires stamina, this stat lower the amount of stamina depleted.

Throw Distance – This stat does not increase the range of your Guard Break. Instead, it increases how far you throw an opponent after you land a successful Guard Break.

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