How to Parry in For Honor

Learn how to use the parry in For Honor and the advantages of using this defensive option!

For Honor has several defensive options depending on your character of choice, but one universal defensive option is the ability to parry. This article covers how to parry in For Honor and what kind of benefits you get from a parry over blocking or dodging. If you learn how to parry in For Honor you can gain a big advantage over your opponents.

How to Parry in For Honor

All characters can parry by pressing Heavy Attack in the same direction the opponent is attacking from. You have to time the attack so that it connects with the opponent’s attack before it hits your character. If you attack too soon you won’t get a parry, and if you attack too late you’ll get hit by the opponent’s attack.

Under most circumstances you cannot parry an attack with armor, but you can parry unblockable attacks. Whenever an opponent activates Revenge Mode, they have armor and cannot be interrupted by most attacks. You cannot generally parry an attack while an opponent is in Revenge Mode.

The advantage of using a parry in For Honor is that you have what’s referred to in competitive fighting games as frame advantage. This means that in most cases your next attack will beat out anything your opponent tries to do other than simply blocking. More often than not you should go for a guard break if you’re close enough to the opponent after a successful parry. Once they catch on that you’re going for the guard break you can start to mix it up with other attacks.

Learning how to parry in For Honor is very important because it gives you another defensive option to go to and it generally catches opponents off guard because they’re used to their attacks being blocked. In addition, characters can continue attacking after most Heavy Attacks are blocked, meaning you have to keep defending or attempt to dodge. However, if you parry a Heavy Attack the opponent’s combo is immediately stopped. They can no longer continue with the next attack in their combo.

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