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For Honor – How to Execute, Unlock New Executions

by Bryan Dawson

As people are starting to play For Honor they want to know how to finish their enemies in style. This article covers how to execute in For Honor which has a strategic element in addition to looking pretty gruesome. There’s a very simple way to perform an execution in For Honor, and you’ll get quite a few of them just by attacking your opponents like normal. Find out below exactly how to execute in For Honor.

How to Execute

In order to perform an execution in For Honor, your opponent’s health needs to be very low. The last hit to finish off the opponent must be a Heavy Attack. If you can connect a Heavy Attack as the final blow, you will be prompted to press Square or Triangle on PS4 (X or Y on Xbox One) to perform one of two executions. If you’re attacked during the execution animation or one of your allies attacks the enemy before your execution is completed it can interrupt the execution animation.

Strategic Executions

While executions look cool, there’s actually a lot of strategy behind using them as opposed to just downing your opponent. Now only do you get bonus Renown and points for performing an execution, but it increases the respawn time of your opponent by three seconds in 4v4 Dominion matches. In addition, an executed hero cannot be revived by a teammate. This is especially important in 2v2 Brawls or 4v4 Dominion matches as reviving fallen allies can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Despite the many benefits of performing executions, there is one downside. If you’re in a 2v2 or 4v4 match you can get attacked by another opponent while you’re in the middle of an execution. Pay close attention to your surroundings so you know how close the other enemies are. You don’t want to get attacked while you’re in the middle of an execution and virtually defenseless.

Unlocking New Executions

Each hero starts with two executions when you first begin playing For Honor. However, you can unlock more executions by spending your Renown (in-game currency) as long as you’ve recruited the hero you want new executions for. To unlock new executions go to the customization area for your hero by accessing the Customize menu to the right of the Play menu, select the hero you want a new execution for, select Customize, then move to the Abilities portion of the customize menu (R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox One). Select Executions to access the submenu for executions.

Once you’re in the executions submenu you can reassign your unlocked executions to different buttons or unlock new executions by spending 5,000 Renown.

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