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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two-Toned Whetstone Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is currently providing plenty of entertaining activities to all of the Nintendo Switch players all over the world. With there being a great deal to do in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, sometimes it can be challenging to keep up with everything happening around you.

If you have been having trouble keeping up with how to get the Two-Toned Whetstone item and who you should give it to, be sure to check out everything you need to know about the Two-Toned Whetstone item below. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two-Toned Whetstone 

The quest for which players can secure this Fire Emblem: Three Houses item begins in the game’s first act. You will come across the characters of Catherine and Shamir having a conversation in the Monastery.

Speaking with Catherine and Shamir will then kick off the quest where you will be required to deliver various items to different people in the Monastery. Once you have completed this item delivery quest, Linhardt will award you with the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two-Toned Whetstone. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Two Toned Whetstone

Now, players have the option of giving the item to either Catherin or Shamir. Providing the item to Catherine will reward players with a Silver Sword. Giving the thing to Shamir will reward players with a Silver Bow. Players will also receive support points for whichever character they choose to provide the two-toned whetstone.

Choosing Catherine or Shamir to give the Two-Toned Whetstone to will not have a profound impact on your Fire Emblem: Three Houses besides you either acquiring the Silver Sword or Bow. This fact means your decision should consider which weapon you would prefer to use more in your future battles.

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