If you've already tackled the pre-timeskip Paralogues in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, then you're going to want to start turning your gaze towards the future. Everyone knows that there's a timeskip in the game, and it follows that the Paralogues that become available to you after the timeskip are their own beast. Check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Paralogue post-timeskip guide for a list of the post-timeskip paralogues, what their individual requirements are beyond the right characters, and their rewards. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Paralogue Post-Timeskip Guide -- Post-Timeskip Paralogues and Characters

If you're unsure about what the basic requirements of Paralogues are, let our pre-timeskip Paralogue guide catch you up to speed. The fundamentals are essentially identical pre or post-timeskip: you can't net every single Paralogue on one playthrough, they're limited-time spawns, and you can only complete Paralogues for characters that you have recruited into your House. The post-timeskip Paralogues have further requirements, which we'll go into detail about in our Fire Emblem Three Houses Paralogue post-timeskip list:

Darkness Beneath the Earth

  • Characters: Hubert -- Black Eagles
  • Requirement: Black Eagles Crimson Flower route
  • Reward: Arrow of Indra

Eternal Guardian 

  • Characters: Rhea
  • Requirement: C-rank support established with Rhea
  • Reward: Seiros Shield

Foreign Land and Sky

  • Characters: Bernadetta and Petra -- Black Eagles
  • Requirement: Choose the "Lend me your strength" dialogue option

Forgotten Hero

  • Characters: Marianne -- Golden Deer
  • Reward: Blutgang


  • Characters: Edelgard
  • Requirement: Black Eagles Crimson Flower route

Legend of the Lake

  • Characters: Linhardt and Leonie -- Black Eagles or Golden Deer
  • Reward: The Inexhaustible


  • Characters: Ferdinand and Lysithea -- Black Eagles or Golden Deer
  • Reward: Shield of Ochain

The Face Beneath 

  • Characters: Caspar and Mercedes -- Black Eagles or Blue Lions
  • Reward: Rafail Gem

The Silver Maiden

  • Characters: Dimitri
  • Requirement: Blue Lions Azure Moon route

The Sleeping Sand Legend

Characters: Claude

  • Requirement: Golden Deer Verdant Wind route
  • Reward: Sword of Begalta

Weathervanes of Fodlan

  • Requirements: C-rank support for Annette and Gilbert, Blue Lions Azure Moon route
  • Reward: Crusher

Much like the pre-timeskip Paralogues, the ones listed above clearly all offer their own individual perks though much more specialized according to the particular House-specific routes that you may have ended up choosing. The Black Eagles have a fair amount of post-timeskip Paralogue involvement, so if you're constantly wanting to get stuck into the fray then Edelgard's House may well be your best bet. If you want a taste of what these Paralogues can give you, then have a read of our Fire Emblem Three Houses Thyrsus guide to see what rewards you'll be able to reap.